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Maggie, aka, Mrs. Calabash, is a citizen of the world. Originally from England, she trained as a Home Economist at Sheffield Hallam University, a long, long, time ago. She’s been cooking ever since. 


Endowed with a roving and entrepreneurial spirit, Maggie has worked on three continents.

Her sense of adventure has given her an international flair. For instance, she ran a restaurant in France, without being able to speak the language; was a vendor at the Laval market in France; wrote a syndicated cooking column for over 55 local newspapers, and had a Sunday morning phone-in radio show called “Pass the Mustard”.

The wonderful stories of her travels and life experience are fascinating and are woven through her cooking school patter. I mean, when was the last time you took your kids to school in a donkey cart in Ireland accompanied by an uninvited basset hound named Gossip? Back in England, Maggie owned a company that manufactured and sold preserves and condiments like lemon curd, and chutney. These delicacies were available to the Houses of Parliament, Harrods of London, The Bay and Macy’s of New York to name a few.


She also owned a shop that sold spice rubs, home baking and her own blend of tea. Throughout the years she has sold her preserves, condiments, and baked goods at county fairs and craft shows in Canada, France and, England.As the cooking school coordinator for a supermarket chain in Canada,Maggie taught kids as well as adults how to cook. The result is a loyal clientele who follow her from one venue to the next.Her guiding principle is that cooking good food should be fun, shouldn’t cost a lot, and the results should be tasty and nutritious. What’s not to love?

Maggie’s Philosophy


Maggie’s philosophy is that once you know the basics, you can cook anything. You will be amazed at the easy techniques she can teach you in an hour using simple ingredients and seasonings. It’s a tradition with a modern twist: going back to basics with a lot of easy one-pot dishes using local ingredients whenever possible. Imagine how impressed your family and friends will be when presented with Parcelled Pork and Bake well Tart! We should mention that as well as traditional dishes, Maggie cooks from a variety of cultures and has a weakness for seafood!


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